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Why support Tools for Schools?

All donated monies are spent directly on the program. With more that 10 years experience in Rwanda, Tools For Schools know the people we work with and are respected for the work we do. We carefully monitor the precise and accurate spending of funds. A small donation can make a big difference in the life of a student. Each class usually has between 50 to 60 students and often more.

How can you help?

New for 2012! Support a Rwanda teacher by helping them with a solar powered, rechargeable light.


$US5 provides a student with

$US10 provides

$US25 provides

$US100 provides

$US500 provides



Elementary schools do not normally have libraries. Any size donation you are able to make will directly help the education of Rwanda children. Thank-you!

If you are a Canadian taxpayer, any donation you make to Tools for Schools is tax deductable.

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